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chronicleMG is a Denver, Colorado based marketing and advertising agency specializing in brand strategy, creative design, digital marketing, public relations and music marketing.

Our mission is to help businesses small and large separate themselves from the clutter through clean design and smart strategy.

Building a brand requires thinking differently. We don't necessarily think like other companies and agencies.  We believe in building brands that will not only have longevity, but will continuously stay relevant.

  • Our Branding Model

    When we use the term “personality” to describe a brand, we mean think of your brand as a human-like entity....

  • The Head

      Your product, pricing structure, location, employees, management.  The outer shell of your business without diving into the “feel”....

  • The Heart

    Your company culture, vision, ideals, core values.  Everything intangible about your business that contributes to how it is run day-to-day....

  • The Soul

    Develop and combine these two aspects of your brand and you will create a rock solid foundation on which to...

It's Your Brand. Your Personality.

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